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About Me



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Hi there, get to know me!!! -Shiffon Gray 


My greatest passion is to share information so you can succeed and have a better quality of life.   It is through Faith as the foundation you and I can have  the life we desire. 


My motto is God first, then  yourself,  then family, and what ever comes next...


My purpose is to  create value for you.  Assist you  in any way to build up your faith.  So you can live your  desire and purpose God called you to live. 


And that includes you living  the lifestyle God called you to live as well. He says


"We share in all God's riches through Christ Jesus our Lord. That means you and me...


So that means  our MONEY STORY has to change...





That is what I’m called to do… Life is an adventure live it…  God is our creator thank him…  United together to succeed in   life  through faith…


I’m an encourager, love sharing information.  Giving value through skills,   education,   tips, insights, training, and know how   


For Women who  want to take their faith and Live BOLDLY...  Using the gift of money to serve and be served...  Open to receiving  money as a gift and tool so you can Be your authentic whole self 



Maybe you want to be a business woman... Maybe you want to be a stay at home mom... Or maybe a ministry leader.  Or whatever your desired lifestyle career is..


In order to do that, it takes  money. you have to overcome some old thinking about  MONEY AND FAITH ..


JUST SO YOU KNOW  At the present I’m doing all of this with  Me Myself and I !!!


That means   all the tech stuff,  videos,  audio,  and all the like.   So, for you High Tech pros and English and Grammar majors out there… You might find some little oopsys …  


I will do my best to make this a pleasant read  and viewing for you.  This  may not be the perfection you are used to,  but you will get fantastic value something you can use today to get you to where you desire to be...


So until I snag a pro,  in the near future.    


Hang in there,  so you don’t miss out on the value coming your way.    All that being said,   if it’s ok wit you it’s ok with me…  



I grew up in Baltimore Maryland and had a  challenging childhood . Due to the fact I was born way to early and decided while in my mother’s  womb,  I was really eager to experience the world outside of her comfy warm belly…   There were some complications.  Some were obvious and some were not   until many years later. 


The first thing  that was really obvious at about 2 years old,  was I kept running into things. I do recall always falling down the flight of stairs.  So my mom and dad decided to get me checked out.  Even though Doctors at the time of my birth said I may have some serious  challenges physical due to my earlier birth.  Well after getting myself checked out it was discovered I was blind. 


I had enough usable vision to get around but when you try to rely on the distorted vision you have,  you find yourself in all kinds of let’s say interesting adventures…


Example, like riding a bike and running into a lamp pole.   trying to keep up with someone by running  across the street not realizing a car was on its way…  I know you might gasp at all this but,   this was teaching me things   about myself and life lessons  I needed to learn.


And I wasn’t aware of that at the time…


Ok back to the story with my mom… So after going to the Doctors and they discovering I was legally blind in the medical world I was enrolled at the Maryland School for the Blind ( MSB)   here in the state of Maryland. from Kindergarten until 12th grade  When I graduated from the 12th grade.   


I can honestly say I think I was the only person on the planet who was not excited about graduating…


You wonder what!!!  Well you see all I knew was my friends at MSB who were like me.. Which at the time, my comfort zone…


(of course besides my family and friends in the


neighborhood I grew up with ).  Now it was time for me to step out of that comfort zone and join the real world of challenges, people,  lessons, and amazing growth… 


So if you see me with a white cane,  or talk about my  former guide dogs,  or not quite focused on where I’m looking, even on video,  you know the reason why now…


it is all part of lives  way of saying you are going to find a way to overcome all these challenges in life and  BE CREATIVE ABOUT IT...




I was always the adventurous type and always curious about how to do stuff.  I would always ask my mom and grandmother  what they were doing.  And would say, can I try that and so I was taught early on the fun of being creative and trying things no matter how much I had to keep going. Like watching my mom put of a back splash wall made from brick.  And it is still in her home at this day.


 I had many opportunities to be involved in lot of sports, camping, skiing, speed boating, Arts and crafts,  horseback riding, and lots of summer jobs and much more…  Again always ( having the curiosity to see if I can do this or that.

I Decided to follow the call of God  and lay down my  pursuits of college  to work towards becoming a concert pianist, And boy that was a surprise to everyone… They knew how serious I was about playing the  piano…  Hoping to get back into that for sure…  


I moved to New York  with a group of   young people like myself who shared the same faith as I did , to serve the homeless of New York.


Here is where  serious  growth  began, to prepare me for this moment in time…  I learned many lessons  while in New York. The most important one is how to serve people and how to base my perception of someone through listening and having conversation rather  than  what it appeared on the outside.  Again all in preparation for bigger things to come.




I also got my first  bug of recognizing the  life of an entrepreneur  While volunteering for a church in New York,  I got to have my first crack of getting out there in front of people .   I called large corporations like Campbell’s.  And had to go door to door. In those days, that was the thing to do if you wanted to get direct access to the right people.  


Going in to show rooms  and boy that was fun… Seeking the owner or distributor  to talk to them about donating their items, and services . And believe me,  these were high in products, clothing, jewels, and much more.

Grooming me for sharing  and giving value to the person first…


While working at a carpet cleaning company I was able to see how the owner operated their business in all of its function.  I remember thinking,  boy I’d like to own my own business someday there is so much freedom and it was fun seeing money show up out of thin air so to speak…


just by giving value…


I began to give it a go on my own one day while doing  my 9-5 in New York.


On a very cold winter day..


 I decided to start a transcription service to type up college folks papers in draft form. .  AT that time that was the big thing…  So I went out and post on every phone booth I could find.  

( you see how long that was you might be saying what is a phone booth (smiles)  


THE YEARS 2005 -2010


 In 2005 attended Montgomery Community College,  in Takoma Park Maryland for a semester  in business management and received a 4.0 GPA  I also attended the Ann Arundel Community College Culinary School. That is also where I got my love for trying different types of food and creating some of the best real food you can think of. My mouth is watering thinking about it now…


This taught me how to work as a team with other students. And,  how to get out of my comfort zone.  I really enjoyed doing  all kinds of projects After my college semester , an opportunity came to start my own  traditional business. This would be my first official business (as I’d like to say).   This was in retail I was owner and manager of my very own store called “Shiffon’s Snack and go”  This was housed in a State and Government office building . 




For many years and a lot of hard work and success , I thought I was on easy street.  Ready to sit on the mountain top and enjoy life for a while… And then the



I was not prepared for the big BOOM!! then the crash in 2008-10 remember those days… Well more lesson I had to learn in that journey.. though I do not have that business now… I know it was all to prepare me for something greater…


I work for the State of Maryland while working on building my fortune and dream lifestyle  



*Outstanding Business Owner of the year 2005 (in retail)

*3rd place ribbon in a 10k cross country skiing event with ski for light

* Baltimore Peabody Conservatory of Music a perfect 10 score for performing a piano recital in my senior year of school


*First, second, and third place winner in speech contest for  Baltimore area Toastmasters 2015-2016





I’m excited to be part  of your life on a weekly basis, to offer you insights, trainings, education,  fun and know how…   For sure, lots  more as we go on this journey together…  


United on this journey of  life and Faith ...  Reaching the desires  of your heart.. . 


My sincere desire is that you, through these pages  and other  ways we connect  find valuable information so you will succeed and have a better quality of life.


And with that,  have the confidence and freedom to live the lifestyle of your dreams and be the person  god called you to be from the foundations of the world.


know I’m here for the long haul and determined to see you through to your success  faith journey.



Shiffon Gray























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