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What people are saying about my work






Here is what people are saying about my work




Jason “J-Boom”  Legaard -

here is what Jason “J-Boom” Had to say…

Shiffon   is an amazing  woman.  In motion of her projects and goals.  Constantly moving up,  she doesn’t  take no for an answer.  She  takes action.  And puts  into action,   the things Eddie  A Agular and I talk about on  our  Mindset  mountain podcast  and  training.   She listens  and  applies.  She is a great entrepreneur.



Edward V Aguilar -

Here is  what Eddie  had to say…

I wanted to share a testimony with everyone for Shiffon Gray and those of you who have connected with her and are on the verge of working with her. First and foremost, Shiffon's passion for personal growth is not only present in what she does, it is also admirable for those who are timid to step out of their comfort zones. As an Ex-Hotshot (elite wildland firefighter) athlete...and coach....I've always found the best teachers in life or in anything particular, is someone who aims to be a good student. By becoming a good student, one is open to other's opinions and ideas that are present in today's world....then taking those aspects of value received, and incorporating into one's teachings. This is exactly what I've witnessed with Shiffon! Having been personally contacted by her in seeking the value I have to offer, then turning around and sharing it with others through her interpretation is where we as individuals can reach people in this world who are seeking improvements in their own lives. I'm happy to share with you that if you are on the fence in investing your time and energy with Shiffon because there is a part of her that you are vibing with, I truly feel you will not be disappointed by taking action in working with her. Not only be a student....but if you follow Shiffon's example, you will become a leader as well. Let her lead the way so you can do the same for others....or create your own path! Blessings! Eddie Aguilar




Sandy Armstrong- from figure

Here is what Sandy had to say...

My wonderful friend Shiffon  is working on her blog and just told me she has listed something I once told her as one of her favorite quotes. She said it really resonates with her in her marketing. How awesome is that? I have watched Shiffon's marketing journey blossom. In a very short time she went from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur. Go check out Shiffon's Blog …


J. William Huebner -

Here is what J William  had to say…

Shortly after I’ve made a choice to do business online, I was immediately drawn to Shiffon, her personable charm as well as her upmost sincerity!  She is a true inspiration for online marketers and anyone who needs a little motivation.  When You view Shiffon’s videos, You see the real Lady; Kind-hearted, eager to help, full of enthusiasm and passionate about life!  She very promptly answers any questions that You may have and she wants to see You fully succeed as well as attain all that You are meant to achieve!    


Justin Glover & Brenda Gagna -

Here is what Justin & Brenda had to say…

There’s a proverb that says: 
He who is afraid to ask is ashamed of learning

I have to share a story about a woman who has continued to amaze me over the past year… Shiffon  joined our Results 513 community as someone who was new to the internet business world.  After going through our initial training inside our 513 Home Study Course, there was an instant shift I noticed in her. I would love to give her the award for “Most Questions Asked In  A Single Year” because she would win by a landslide!

As Tony Robbins says - “Successful people ask better questions, and as a results they get better answers”

Her questions were great questions!  Shiffon was learning at an incredible rate because she would take advantage of every opportunity we gave to ask questions and get answers - AND she took action on what she learned, and she began building her own online business from scratch! Her impaired vision doesn’t stop her from doing ANYTHING,  I want to acknowledge Shiffon Gray in public for her amazing dedication to growing her business and not letting anything stand in her way! 


Jenny Boone  -From

Here is what Jenny had to say…

I met Shiffon in the Results 513 Facebook group. She was always trying to help people with their questions and had great words of encouragement and support for the other members. I have no doubt Shiffon would give 100% effort and care to anyone who comes to her for help with their business.



Here what Katie had to say inthis short video










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